Board Members

Sabrina Cali, President

Sabrina is a founding member and President of Hope Still Lives Project. In May of 2014 she lost her first born son, Ephraim Cali at 38 weeks. Ephraim was born that morning, with beautiful easy labor and surrounded by everyone who loved him. He went from the best place in the world to the next best place. His name means fruitful, meaningful. In the Bible, it says, "It is because God has made me fruitful in the land of my suffering." Her goal for Hope Still Lives Project is that it helps other moms and families find support and resources that can honor babies gone too soon in the community of Northeast Ohio. 

Sabrina was blessed to have two two rainbow babies, Henley and Charlie Cali. She lives with her husband, Chuck, their dog, Reese, 2 goats and 9 chickens in Brunswick, Ohio. She graduated in 2002 with a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration and later on received a Masters in Exercise Science  in 2011. In 2017 , Ephraim inspired her to pursue a PhD in Health Promotion and Education and she graduated in 2022. She is currently a nationally board certified health coach and personal trainer and works at Northeast Ohio Medical University as the Director of the Health & Well-Being Coaching Certificate Program. 

Jennifer Horval, Vice President

Jenny is a Founding Member and elected Vice President of the Hope Still Lives Project.  She has personally experienced recurrent miscarriage following the birth of her daughter Emma in 2016, and the stillbirth of her son, Logan in November 2019 at 35 weeks. Logan was diagnosed with Down Syndrome mid-pregnancy, but a cord blood clot took his life suddenly before he was born. Following their loss of Logan, Jenny and her husband Kevin were inspired to turn to adoption to help a child find a loving home. They were approved to adopt through Open Arms Adoptions in July of 2021 and were chosen by a birth Mom in March 2022!  Ayden joined their family through adoption as a newborn baby, and he was truly a heavenly sent blessing from his older brother, Logan. She raises pregnancy loss awareness in memory of Logan and enjoys creating fun, engaging and inclusive events for our cause.

She graduated from Duquesne University in 2004 and currently works for Thermo Fisher Scientific, as a sales account manager in the Cleveland area. She lives in Columbia Station with her husband, Kevin and two living children Emma and Ayden. 

Shannen Killiany, Secretary

Shannen is a Founding Member and elected Secretary of Hope Still Lives Project.

After an infertility diagnosis and learning in-vitro fertilization was their best chance of becoming pregnant, Shannen and her husband were blessed with their first pregnancy in 2016.

After a "textbook perfect pregancy", their son Colton was born still during their 38th week of pregnancy on January 8, 2017.

In October 2019, they experienced another loss, "Peanut", due to an early miscarriage.

Knowing that the road of infertility treatments, loss, pregnancy after loss, and navigating life as individuals and a couple through these circumstances, can often leave one feeling alone, her hope is to make others feel supported and remind them, we can make a difference in advocating for our children.

Shannen and her husband Joe, reside in LaGrange Township with their sons Everett (July 2018) and Wyatt (September 2021). After 13.5 years in Branch Banking, her career path led her to Home Equity Underwriting with the same financial institution in 2021.

Sarah Longfield

Sarah Longfield is a Founding Member of Hope Still Lives Project and is here to honor her son Caleb. In December of 2015, Sarah and her husband Chad were expecting their second baby. After a few hours of not feeling him move, they went to the hospital and discovered Caleb had passed away. He was born sleeping the next day. Sarah and Chad were welcomed into the Child Loss Community with warmth and compassion and intend to do the same with families facing a similar path. In May of 2018, Sarah and Chad founded The CAL Foundation, whose mission is to financially support families of stillborn babies through payment of medical bills related to labor & delivery. This work began to open cracks in Sarah's heart to do more to help families like her own navigate their grief. While Sarah's family will never feel whole with Caleb in Heaven, she is blessed with and grateful for her living children - Colin, Carter, and Cadence - and for the legacy Caleb is leaving through them and the work his family is doing. 

Sarah graduated from Kent State University in 2007 with a Bachelors degree in Marketing and Management, and from the University of Akron in 2012 with a MBA. She currently works in Product Management at American Greetings and lives in Strongsville with her family and their dog Ocho.

Kelly Poole

Kelly is a Founding Member of Hope Still Lives Project and serves in honor of her son, Braeden.  Following a seemingly 'easy' pregnancy with her and her husband's first child, Kelly heard the words that stops all time - "I'm sorry, there is no heartbeat" - at 35 weeks. Braeden Christopher was born sleeping on September 11, 2015. Despite the tremendous care, love, and support Kelly received from so many following the loss of Braeden, she felt angry and alone in her grief journey. It was through connecting with a group of fellow loss moms who understood her experience in a way no one else could that Kelly was able to turn her grief into advocacy for PAIL families through charitable and resource-based initiatives.Kelly's hope is to connect with other families and walk beside them so they, too, feel seen, understood, validated, and supported. Her hope still lives in honor of Braeden - to share her experiences parenting her son in a different way than planned, pregnancy after loss, and the lessons learned through her own grief journey. 

Kelly lives in Medina, Ohio with her husband, Josh, and their two rainbow babies, Aubrey and Brooklyn. With a Bachelors in Business Administration from Ohio University and her law degree from the University of Akron, she currently serves as the Director of Community Engagement and Bereavement Services for Waite and Son Funeral Homes in Medina County.  

Taylor Martin

Taylor Martin is a Founding Member of Hope Still Lives Project and is here to honor her son Xander. In January of 2022, Taylor and her husband Alex were expecting their second baby.  After noticing that she hadn’t felt movement from him in quite a while, even after drinking some juice and having breakfast to get him going, Taylor decided she would head to the hospital to get checked out.  Alex met her there.  The Nurse and Doctor unfortunately could not find Xander’s heartbeat.  At 26 weeks, he was born sleeping the next morning.  It was then that Taylor went on a journey to not only find support but, to find ways to honor Xander.  Hope Still Lives Projects provided an opportunity to help other families facing the same unfortunate path.
Even though Taylor is missing a piece of her heart and her family isn’t truly complete, she is thankful for her living children – Blake and Maverick.  Their family continues to find ways to remember Xander and ensures he is part of each tradition and special moment in their lives.
Taylor graduated from The University of Akron in 2013 with a Bachelor’s degree in Corporate Finance, and obtained her MBA from the University of Akron in 2015. She currently works as The Regional Vice President of Sales for an IT Consulting Company